This page shows the prototypes of various hand built tube guitar amps and other projects that I have constructed.  All of these amps are hand wired using 1/8" epoxy resin board with turrets .  I have also custom built all of the combo and head cabinets.  Any of these amps can be customized with your choice of covering, grill cloth, speakers, cabinet hardware, and electronic components.

Tweed Deluxe Clone 5E3

This is the first tube amp that I built and is a straight forward 15-watt, 2 channel amp.  The circuit and design similiar to one of the first tube amps that Fender built in the 1950's.  There are 2 volume controls and 1 tone control which produces a wide range of tones and breaks up nicely at higher volumes.

 Here are a couple of pictures of my build.  I used an old chassis from an old Yamaha bass amp that was modified to acomodate the tubes and other components.  The face plate is made from a piece of aluminum painted black with the lettering scrawled on it using a drafting lettering guide.  I then applied several coats of clear coat to protect.  I have used this method in most of my builds but can also have custom face plates constructed if you desire.  This amp was covered with original Fender woven tweed and Oxblood grill cloth.

1959 Tweed Bassman 5F6A

The 1957 Tweed Bassman was built by Fender so that bass players could be heard with rest of the band who were now using amplifiers for their instruments.  As time went on, guitar players discovered the great tone that this map produces.  This is a 40-watt, 2-channel amp with 4-10" speakers.  Their are 2 volume controls (one for each channel), treble, bass, mid, and presence controls.

This is a great sounding amp and works will with distortion pedals, especially a tube screamer.  Since I  had the chassis custom made, I used the same method for the face plate as the Tweed Deluxe.  I can build this and the Tweed Deluxe with chassis that are available from various sources and come with a professional looking face plate.  This amp was also covered with original Fender woven tweed and Oxblood grill cloth.        

Marshall 18 Watt TMB Head

This is a two channel 18 watt Marshall type clone. Channel one is the normal channel from the 18 watt design. The second channel has a gain and master volume as well as treble, middle and bass tone controls. This amp does classic rock crunch to metal and is both responsive and aggressive. This head works with all types of speaker configurations and has an impedance switch for 4, 8, and 16 ohm cabinets.

Trinity Lightning 15

The Trinity Lightning 15 amp is modeled after the Matchless Lightning 15 amp.  This is a 15-watt amp using 2-EL84 power tubes.  The circuit is very similar to a Vox AC 15 and can produce that jangling tone that made Vox amps famous.  The version I built has 2 Weber 10" alnico speakers.  You will notice that I used 2 types of 10" alnico speakers that together produces great tone.  This is the amp I use primarily when performing and have received a lot of compliments on its sound.  I can get a wide range of tones from country twang to mellow blues.

For more information on this, please visit the Trinity Amp Website where I got the schematic and layout for this amp.  This amp was covered with brown vinyl that I found at a fabric store.  The grill cloth is a screen fabric also purchased at fabric store.  I used metal corners to give it a finished look.  


I have never been satisfied with digital reverb and vibrato.  I found this project on the Hoffman Amp website and this unit combines the original circuits from Fender 6G15 Reverb and the 6G12 Vibrato circuits.  This unit was recently modified to eliminate all of the hum that is usually inherent in the Revibe.  The reverb and vibrato that it produces is very lush, retro sounding and is great for the older classic rock and surf music. I purchased the chassis from Ted Weber which included a faceplate and custom built the cabinet with plans I found on the internet. 

Champ 6L6

This is my latest low-watt guitar amp. It is based on the Fender Champ using one 6L6 power tube, one 12AX7 preamp tube and a 5AR4 rectifier for about 12 Watts of tube power. The speaker is a 12" Eminence Patriot Series Cannabis Rex. The cabinet is select pine with a natural stain and several coats of polyurethane. Great sounding, light weight amp with enough power for playing in clubs, etc.

Custom Designs and Builds

I can work with you on any type of design you might be contemplating. Feel free to contact me to discuss any ideas you have. I offer consulting services and design services as well as building your amp. I can construct anything from turret boards, cabinets, complete amplifiers or anything in between. I can also construct the amp with your choice of tubes, resistors, capacitors, transformers, and speakers.

If interested or need additional information, please fill out the form at the bottom of the Home Page or call me at 602 550-6180.

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