There are many ways to improve the sound and peformance of your guitar whether it be an inexpensive entry level or expensive vintage instrument.  This page will discuss some of the ways to improve the sound and tone or customize your guitar to you liking or specifications.


In order to get the best sound out of your guitar, it must be set-up properly.  This includes new strings, intonation, pickup and string height, and neck adjustments.  Changing you strings often is a very inexpensive way to keep your axe sounding its best.  Intonation is also crucial so that you have perfect pitch on every fret on the guitar.  If the intonation is off, notes on the higher frets will not be accurate.  Also, if you restring your guitar with a different gauge string, you should have the intonation adjusted properly.

Making sure your guitar's neck curvature is adjusted properly ensures that you will not experience any fret rattles.  Adjusting the bridge height will also ensure that you are getting the best possible action.  Finally, pickup height adjustments are crucial to getting the best possible tone.

Matthews Amps can perform setups and string changes on 6 string, 12 string, and bass guitars at a very competitive price.  Please contact us for an estimate on setup services.

Pickup Changes

Changing out stock pickups is fairly inexpensive way to upgrade your guitar's sound and tone.  There are several guitar and bass pickup manufacturers that offer a wide range of pickups.  One manufacturer, Seymour Duncan, has a great on-line tone wizard and other tools to help you choose the best pickup for your style of music.  You can visit them Here.  You can also check out other manufactures such as DiMarzio, EMG, and Fender.

Wiring and Switching Modifications

Do you want more options and sounds from your existing guitar?  There are several wiring and switching modifications that can give you additional sounds that you never thought was possible from your guitar.  Here is a link to Guitar Electronics Wiring Resource Page that shows the various wiring modifications for a 1, 2, or 3 pickup guitar.

Wiring and Electronics Repair

I have repaired the wiring and electronics in several guitars that were either not working or sounded horrible.  The cause of almost all of these were either broken wires, bad solder connections, broken switches, or failed pots and caps.  A lot of these problems were caused by someone who did not know how to fix them.  If your guitar experiences any these issues, please contact me for a quote for a repair.  The majority of these can be repaired in under an hour.

If you are having problems with your guitar or bass or want to get the best sound out of it, please contact me. My rates are very reasonable and I will give you a free estimate.  Call me at 602 550-6180 or you can also fill out an on-line form located on the bottom of my home page to request additional information or for a quote.

Guitar Repair And Mods

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