I can also construct isolated power supplies with your choice of configurations from 5V, 9V, 12V, and 18V outputs.

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                                                     Overdrive Pedals 

The Screamer

This pedal is a recreation of the famous Tube Screamer that is perfect for blues and rock and roll and offers warm, smooth, transparent overdrive that works great with tube guitar amplifiers.  All of these pedals constructed by MatthewsAmps use the RC4558 op-amp used in the original Tube Screamer.

The Screamer is based on the original circuit with some modifications found only in expensive boutique clones.  These include a "Fat" switch and a "Diode Clipper Switch" giving these models 6 settings!  The Fat switch gives more boost and bass response resulting in a thick, creamy sounding distortion.  The clipper switch settings include the original diode, diode lift, and a LED diode giving 3 distinct sounds.  The diode lift position can also function as a treble or mid boost if the gain is turned down. 
The BluesBuster is a hand-built, "boutique" Blues Buster clone - Accurate to the original "Version 1".  The BluesBuster works great with tube amps and is made for blues, classic rock, country etc.  This pedal will give you everything from a light crunch to a fully overdriven tube amp sound.  The only modifications from the original circuit are a true bypass switch, slightly increased gain, and more bass.  This is a must have addition to your collection.

The Centaur could be the most hyped boutique guitar overdrive pedal available today.  This pedal can produce transparent boost to warm, rich overdrive tones, all with the signature mid-range boost that it is famous for.  The Centaur is meant to be played into a guitar amp that is on the edge of breakup, as its frequencies are voiced to push the amp further into overdrive, producing a searing lead tone.  This rather transparent overdrive pedal is a great addition to any pedal chain so you can achieve the classic rock and roll sound you have been looking for.

Maximum Overdrive

The Maximum Overdrive is modeled after the Cornish SS-2, the highly acclaimed Overdrive/Distortion box of the stars. This pedal is a great addition to any rig. It is amazingly responsive to changes in both Guitar volume and picking articulation. The tonal characteristics and dynamics of the guitar are maintained even when using this pedal at its maximum gain.

I am offering these overdrive pedals for only $105 plus shipping.


The Squeezer

This is simple compressor pedal based on the much sought after Dan Armstrong Orange Squeeze. This will tighten up your sound no matter what style of music you play allowing you to be heard in the mix.  This pedal has only 1 control, volume, which makes it an extremely simple pedal to use. There is a trimmer located inside the box which dials in the sustain so you can tweak the sound if desired.

RD Compressor

This pedal is modeled after the Ross/Dynacomp compressor and will make your notes sustain forever, especially if coupled with an overdrive pedal. Only 2 controls, sustain and volume, which makes it easy to dial in your sound, unlike those compressors with several knobs.

I am selling these for $100 plus shipping.

BOH Reverb

The BOH Reverb is a simple, great sounding digital reverb pedal using the Belton/Accutronics brick.  Easy to use and has only 2 controls, Level - sets the amount of reverb, and Damp - low pass filter tone control.  You can dial in a reverb sound that rivals analog spring type reverbs with these two controls.

I am offering this pedal for only $100 plus shipping.


The Tremblor

A great sounding tremolo pedal with Volume, Speed, and Depth controls as well as a switch to turn the tremolo off and use this as a booster only.  Unlike most tremolo units, this one has a volume knob that not only adds function and charm, but also adds gain at upper levels which can be very useful when using as boost only.

I am offering this pedal for only $100 plus shipping.


D Layed

Here is a great sounding, simple 2-knob delay pedal using the PT2399 IC.   Very easy to use.  It gives a nice clean slap-back style delay up to a moderate delay time for some U2/Edge style strumming.  The repeat control sets the amount of times the sound is repeated and the Delay control sets the depth or amount of delay.

I am offering this pedal for only $100 plus shipping.

Treble Booster

This pedal is based on the original Rangemaster Treble Booster. I have added a treble/mid switch which will boost either the treble or mid-range. As an added bonus, this pedal can also function as an overdrive pedal on the mid setting.

I am offering this pedal for $100 plus shipping.

                                                         Bypass/AB Pedal

This your basic bypass pedal that can be used to bypass effect pedals etc. and also works as an AB switch.  This unit sells for $60 plus shipping. 


Here are a couple of pedal boards that I have built. The one on the left is a pedal board that will hold 4 to 5 pedals, depending on pedal size.  This 18" X 71/4" board was constructed of 3/4" X 71/4" poplar, painted black and covered with velcro to mount you pedals.  I used 1-spot high capacity 9V adapter and a multi-plug cable for my power supply.  The one on the right is  22" X 12" and holds up to 12 pedals, depending on size. This one has a built in isolated power supply with 7 9 VDC, one 5 VDC and one 9 VAC outputs.

If you are interested in any of these pedals, boards, or power supplies, please contact me. I have a few of the pedals in stock. I will be expanding my product line in the future so please check back. 

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the Home Page or call me at 602 550-6180 for further information.

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